Project: Empowering Self-Esteem Program for Girls

Organization: Youth 2000 Centre (Y2C)

In 2017, the FIG Fund supported a 16-week self-esteem program designed to inspire girls in grades 6-8 with confidence to make safe choices when it comes to health and safety. The program was fun, interactive and provided them with life skills, physical activity, and knowledge that they will need to cope in everyday life.

There was an educational component to the program, where topics such as dieting, physical activity, mental health, cyber bullying, drug awareness, and much more were discussed. The program also had a social component involving activities such as, bowling, Zumba, snow shoeing, archery, laser tag, and much more. Some program goals include developing leadership and communication skills, teaching about healthy body images, and increasing self-esteem and physical activity levels among girls.

This program was offered through the Youth 2000 Centre, an active community youth centre in Grand-Falls. Through their partnership with the YMCA, their aim is to provide youth with many diverse programs for youth and young adults; in return giving them positive attitudes, a sense of direction, and many opportunities for keeping active.